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Can-Do Playground would like to thank all of our generous sponsors. The following list is complete as of June 19, 2007.

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Platinum ($5,000 +)

Bank of America Foundation
Barron Marketing Communications
Blenheim Homes, Inc.
Brandywine Rotary Club
Brandywine Hundred Rotary Club
Bumpers & Company, Certified Public Accountants
Caesar Rodney Rotary Club
J P Morgan Chase
The Christmas Shop Foundation
Delaware Division of the Arts
Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation
Delaware Foundation Reaching Citizens with Cognitive Disabilities
Delmarva Broadcasting Company
In Memory of Carl Hill
Gary and Margo Johnson
In Memory of Donald M. Kreston
Laffey-McHugh Foundation
Ruth and Greg Lavelle
Longwood Foundation, Inc.
Marmot Foundation
In Memory of Frank Minner
Naamans Rotary Club
Raymond James & Associates, Inc.
Patricia K. Robertson
Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Philadelphia Region, Inc.
Rotary Club of Newark Morning
Rotary District 7630
St. Mary Magdalen School Helping Hands 2007
Secretariat Wedding and Event Planning
Tom and Betty Talley
Welfare Foundation, Inc.
Wilmington Rotary Club
Wilmington West Rotary Club

Gold ($2,500 - $4,999)

R. Clifford Berg, Jr.
Peter A. Horty
Judy and Joseph Setting
Robert J. Valihura, Jr.

Silver ($1,000 - $2,499)

Aid for International Medicine, Inc.
Bancroft Construction
Bruce and Judy Beardwood
Bellevue Realty Corporation
Christopher Blackwell
Alan and Lauren Blum
Kennard E. Jeff Brown, III
Christiana Rotary Club
City of Wilmington
Daniels and Tansey LLP
Delle Donne & Associates, Inc.
Dental Associates of Delaware
Robert and Kimberly DiGiacomo
Rudy and Linda Foschi
Hockessin-Greenville Rotary Club
Stacy and Amy Griggs
Enrique and Maria Hernandez
Frederick and Lynne Kielhorn
A. Hughlett Kirby
McDonald's LPGA Championship
Robert and Margaret W. Mahood
The Late Frank H. Minner
Margaret M. Munley, DDS
PNC Financial Services Group
Ralph Pearce, Jr.
H. Murray Sawyer, Jr.
Holly Siegwarth
Gilbert and Alice Smith
The Stamp Center
F. L. Peter Stone
Edward Tarlov, Esq.
The Melting Pot Restaurant
William C. Thompson
Wachovia Foundation
Wilmington Manor Rotary Club
Wilmington Trust Company

Sponsors ($500 - $999)

Pete and Susan Booker
Curtis and Pamela Bounds
Brandywine Furniture Showrooms
R. R. M. Carpenter III
Commerce Bank
Barbara and Bruce Dittmar
Jeffrey and Linnea Goddess
Cynthia Hewitt and C. Daniel Holloway
Jonathan and Jamie Hickey
Harold and Joyce Judefind
Bob and Deena Kreston
Marathon Sports
Keith and Jean Marsh
Cynthia and Paul Morgan
NKS Distributors, Inc.
Our Wish Foundation Fund
PBG Holdings
Dr. and Mrs. Grafton D. Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robertson
Frances West, Esq
William and Jane Wood

Friends ($100 - $499)

Acadia Realty Trust
Norman and Phyllis Aerenson
Robert H. Aerenson
Affinity Wealth Management
Bonnie and Richard Albertson
G. E. Alderman
Marvin V. Andersen
Michael and Barbara Arrington
Argyrios and Lisa Arvantis
Barbara and Patrick Bagley
George and Anna Bellenger
Jay and Nancy Blumberg
Marsha Z. Borin
Eric S. Bradley, DDS
Brandywine Center Management
Brandywine Information Group
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Bryson
Bernadette DeSeta Buccini
David F. and Nancy P. Burr
Gertrude Burrell
Jo Ann Bush
John and Carol Callaghan
Cambridge Realty Capital, LLC
Paul Capodanno
Kathleen S. Carlson
Arthur A. Carota, Jr.
Joseph and Lynn Carbonell
Betty Carota
Roger L. and June Cason
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
James Cloonan, Jr.
Bonnie and Charles Copeland
Deborah L. Copeland
Corrado American, Inc.
Robert and Nancy Crowe
Robert Crump
John and Alma Ann Davis
Leonard and Leah Davis
Delaware Building and Construction Trades
Delaware School and Office LLC
Thomas and Patricia DeLucia
Dexsta Federal Credit Union
Stanley and Martha Diver
DOPS inc.
David and Karen Dumin
Davis Durham
Peter and Kyriaki Eleutheriou
Clifford G. Embley
Dorothy and Alvin Fischer
Thomas and Joan Fiss
Vernalee Frey
Cynthia Funk
Edwina A. Gagnon
Edward and Barbara Geist
Judy Kreston Glantz
Allen Goldberg
Connie Greeley
I. D. Griffith, Inc.
Lawrence A. Halye
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. A. Harra, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Hauser
James H. Hefelfinger
Olive Hefelfinger
Ned and Jennie Heinbach
Thomas Henderer
Carl and Shirley Hill
The Hill Family
Eric and Monique Holloway
Horty and Horty. P.A.
Stephen and Lisa Hyde
Immaculate Heart of Mary Students
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jacobson
Harold and Joyce Judefind
James and Patricia Kauker
Leslie Kelly Architecture
Kentmere Veterinary Hospital
Leland Kimball
Charles and Naomi Klein
Daniel B. Kline
Bud and Ann Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Koenig
Richard and Judith Kolodgie
Douglas S. Kook CPA
Michael and Patricia Kremer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Kreston
Costas S. Krikelis
Kenneth and Mary Louise Kubacki
Bangalore Lakshman
Mr. and Mrs. John LaMonica
H. James and Lorna Landis
Jack and Linda Lantz
Daniel Levin
Roger and Danna Levy
Douglas and Dorothy Lopez
Karen and Michael Malchione
Martin and Anita Mand
Larry Markman
Charles C. Martin
Max's Package Store
John and Jean McClelland
McCrery Funeral Homes, Inc.
Thomas L. McDonough
Louise and Dennis McGlynn
Adele McIntosh
Bob McIntosh
Patricia and Nelson Minner
W. Frank Morris, Jr.
Miranda and Hardt Contracting and Building Services
Margaret L. Newman
Old Country Gardens
Louis P. Olivere, Jr.
Dee Oruc
Denis O'Sullivan
William and Kathleen Parks
Anthony J. Passerini, CLU, ChFC, CFBS
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Peters
Professional Staffing Associates
Mark Quinn
Louis and Elaine Rafetto
William C. Rawheiser
John A. Reed, Jr.
Jim Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Salkin
Pamela G. Sapko
Christine and David Sauers
H. Rodney Scott
Fred Sears II
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Shein
The Rev. Thomas and Mary Short
Buck Simpers Architect Associates, Inc.
Samuel and Linda Simpson
Don Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Smith, Jr.
Society of Financial Service Professionals-Delaware Chapter
William C. Sponenberg
Staat Family Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Stephenson
Alex and Janet Sydnor
Pamela E. Talley
T. Kevin and Kim Marie Talley
Rodman and Diane Teeple
Lloyd Thayer
Thompson Search Consultants, Inc.
Robert and Linda Tigani
Henry B. Tippe
Arthur and Judith Travis
Davis and Carol Truax
Samuel and Sandra Tuttle
J. D. Vanderlaan
The Rev Dr James and Marie Van Der Wall
Laurent C. Van Haverbeke
Frank and Josephine Vassallo
Tina and Anthony Vassalotti
Brock Vinton, Bob Ruggio, Beau Vinton etal.
Charles and Constance Wahlig
Joseph T. Walsh
Wayne E. Warren
Carol Ann Weisenfeld and Ronald J. Nordheimer
Arthur and Judy Werner
John and Barbara Williams
Michael and Cathy Wollaston
J. Cameron and Kathleen Yorkston

Contributor ($1 - $99)

S. Bernard and Rosalie Ableman
Alpha Delta Kappa Education Sorority
Keith and Kelly Ayers
Julie Bercaw
Floyd K. Berk
Craig L. Berman Family
Bob and Debbie Berman
Joseph and Alison Biloon
Robert S. Brandt
Paul and Bridgit Brennan
Norris and Lisa Brooks
I. Larry and Marsha Brown
David and Kathleen Brownlee
Edward and Antoinette Buchanon
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Buchanon
Jerry and Anne Buckley
David and Ilene Bunin
Kathleen and Alfred Burke
Daniel and Marguerite Callahan
George and Carolyn Callahan
Sandra Campbell
Lynn M. Collins
Concord Pike Liquors
Charles and Phyllis Conner
William and Claire Corfey
K. P. and R. M. Crowder
Mary Ann Daliessio
James Dalton
Davis Insurance Group
William and Helen Davis
Robert P. and Elizabeth Deemer
Katherine Delaplane and David D. Wilkinson
Delaware Jaycee Senate
Walter A. Del Giorno
Carol Denis
Louise Divialo
Jodi Dix
John and Karen Doherty
William and Beatrice Dolan
Jacqueline Donahue
Nola Doubet
Jack and Patricia Doyle
Duffield Associates, Inc.
Lisa Edler
800 Woodlawn, Inc.
Bettie Lou Emerich
Sidney and Ethel Engel
Elwood and Phyllis Evans
David and Shelly Eveland
Phyllis E. Feibus, Esq.
Laura Ferguson
Raymond and Sandra Ferguson
Joan P. Fetrow
Jim and Jane Fitzsimmons
Ruth Forman
Raymond and Susan Frie
Michael and Barbara Friedberg
Linda Gabriel
William and Helen Geimeier
Muriel E. Gilman
Jonathan and Monica Goff
Todd and Lori Glandon
Michael and Nancy Graves
James Grilli
Jerome and Debbie Grossman
Irene Grubb
Narmada Gunawardena
James D. Haas
The Hall Family
Margaret and Kevin Harkins
Terry and Sue Ellen Harmeson
John and Winifred Harris
Richard and Ann Hays
Stanley and Betty Hearn
William and Margaret Hearn
Pat Hearty
James Hendry
Jerome and Mary Ann Herlihy
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hickman
Christopher & Patricia Hogan
LaFran Horn
Insurance and Financial Services
Rick Jensen
Mary Johnson
Leigh Johnstone
Leslie F. Jones
Sharon and David Jones
John L. Kallaway, D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Katzmire
Claire and Jamie Kegerise
Rosalie Kerschner
Mrs. Naomi R. Klein
Patricia A. Koch
Richard and Frances Koch
Stephen Koelsch
Edward and Lillian Krivinskas
Jeff and Robin Kusumi
Cheryl Lagola
Jerome and Jacqueline Lank
Karen and Thomas Lawler III
H. Daniel Lesher
Martin and Lisa Lessner
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Levitsky
Stacie Beck and Kenneth Liberi
Stephen and Jennifer Llewelyn
Toni L. Lindsay
Constance M. Lindy
Kathryn M. Lingle
Cynthia Luongo
Jay Luft
Jill Rasmussen-Macconi
Jill A. MacKenzie
Vincent and Barbara Maile
Henry and Kathleen Majewski
Philip and Norrie Marx
John E. Masner
David and Carolyn Mauk
Laurence and Patti McBride
Kathryn and Michael McCord
Stephanie McDaniel
Maude Robin McCoy
Kathryn and Bradley McNally
James and Margaret McQuage
Edwin and Gail Mears
Judith F. Melman
Florence Meyers
Tmothy J. Meyers
Megan Murphy
Cherylann E. Mezzaroba
Raeford and Marge Minix
Joel and Marcy Mirmelstein
John and Marian Moir
Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington
Sue Oldenburg and David Klein
Joyce and Louis Olivere
Linda Orne and Family
Wendy Oster
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Palmatary
Oscar and Evangeline Peffley
Gloria Pennewell
Robert J. Peoples, Inc.
Joseph and Joann Picciotti
Jim Pratzner
Stanley and Doris Publo
Paul Rada
Donna Reed
Phil Reed
Donna and Keith Richard
Justin and Susan Ryan
William and Catherine Sahm
Gregory J. Sarnecki
Karen E. Sayers
Elaine Schmerling
Robert W. Schumm
Jeanne Shellenberger
Nancy Sherr
The Siegfried Group
Jeffrey and Debra Silverman
Samuel and Sieglinde Simpson
Mary Rose Sklodowski
Alice A. Smith
Anne G. Smith
Robert M. Sommerlatte
Michael and Lisa Spencer
Geneva A. Spitelle
Susan Staats
Stacy and Brian Stanton
Peggy Stelle
The Stidhams
Jack and Lola Stretch
Jeff and Rosanne Taylor
R. C. Taylor and Associates, Inc.
Leonard and Joann Thomas
Mary Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Tigani
Ralph and Bernice Tomases
James and Christine Truitt
Suzanne Truitt
George C. and Mary V. Tunis
William and Florence Vassalotti
Vincent and Frances Visconti, Jr.
Louise R. Wagner
Emmeline Watkins
Debra Watson
Dennis Wayland and Diane Nordheimer
John Wellons
Barbara Mitchell Wharton
Bryanne Wheeler
Annette Williams
Richmond and Linda Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene T. Willing
Barbara Willoughby
Gordon and Lisa Wissinger
Annabelle and Robert Wollaston
Richard E. Wortman
Pamela Wright
William and Bernice Yoder
Rebecca Young
David Yunghans
Howard and Judith Zucker
Theodore and Sylvia Zutz

Total Rotary Contributions: $128,460

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