Get Involved

The Can-Do Playground is a community resource and we encourage you to get involved with the fun. There are several ways you can help:

Visit and Enjoy the Playground

The Can-Do Playground is a a Boundless Playground® located at Alapocas Run State Park just outside of Wilmington, Delaware. Everyone is welcome, regardless of physical or cognitive abilities. The Playground is open during all regular park hours. While access to the Playground is free, vehicles are subject to the park entry fee during the fee season, March 1st through November 30th. Annual passes are available.


The Can-Do Playground is part of a State Park, but Rotary clubs and others are very involved in the beautification and upkeep of the the Playground. If you’d like to help us, or if you want to volunteer in other ways, please contact Tom Talley.


The original cost to build the Playground was almost $1 Million. A broad group of public and private groups came together to fund our project and we were able to establish a small endowment for maintenance and upgrades. However, time and climate have combined with all of the use that our Playground rightfully has had and the we are now in need of resurfacing, upgrades and updates to insure that the Can-Do Playground provides the latest equipment and continues to be an unparalleled play experience for all. You can help us by donating. Your support will insure that the Can-Do Playground continues to be a place Where Dreams Are Never Disabled!

Photo of Mother pushing small child in swing.