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The playful sculpture that greets visitors to the Can-Do Playground was created by artist Rick Rothrock, of Arden, from a 9.5-ton boulder of Brandywine granite he found on the surrounding park grounds. He had magic and fantasy on his mind when he conceived the idea for the dramatic entrance, cutting the huge stone in two “as if a giant came along and split it, leaving the two halves where they fell.” One half lies on the ground mirroring the other half, which stands vertically with the Can-Do logo on its polished surface.

This sculpture project is supported by a grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts.

Among Rothrock’s other public artwork in Delaware are “Rendezvous” in Freedom Square Plaza, in Wilmington; the “Quill and Cube” monument in Dover, commissioned by the Delaware Heritage Commission to commemorate Delaware’s ratifying the Constitution; and “Three Mill Pylons” at Three Mill Corporate Center in Wilmington. His work is represented in many corporate, institutional and private collections.

His international experiences and affiliation with Sister Cities of Wilmington, People to People, the Delaware State Arts Council and the exhibiting group SYNE are an important source of inspiration and learning about art, culture and communities. He has exhibited in Sweden, England, Germany and Italy and served as an arts ambassador to Xi’an, China.

Rothrock has been active as an artist and arts advocate in the Wilmington arts community for 27 years. After graduating from the University of Delaware with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1978, he moved to Wilmington and helped found the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts.

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